Water Quality

A major cause of breakdowns in many installations is poor water quality. The most common cause of poor water quality is corrosion, generally of the radiators but this can also be of the boilers heat exchanger. A number of factors contribute to this including high conductivity of the fill water, the presence of oxygen, and a suboptimal pH. We use a scientific test kit and adjust water quality in order to provide the greatest longevity to your system and appliances. We install deaerators to reduce the oxygen content of the fill water and thus slow down corrosion. We are also able to carry out and certify Legionella tests inciting recommendations for upgrades in order to remain compliant.


Help keep your central heating system keep clean and remain highly efficient by taking advantage of our powerflushing services. Using our professional equipment and chemicals, we will help clean your system of any sludge or debris that has built up naturally over time and is preventing your system from working properly.

Water quality testing adjustment

Help ensure the longevity of your central heating system and appliances by taking us up on our water quality testing services.

Legionella testing

Legionnaire’s Disease can occur when Legionella bacteria thrives in hot and cold water systems. Get full peace of mind and stay protected by using Bristol Gas Services for Legionella testing.

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