Smart Homes & Automation

Here at Bristol Gas Services, we specialise in the installation of smart home controls and automation.

Using what modern technology has to offer, take full control of your home’s heating and make your heating system more efficient. We work closely with some of the most exciting and high quality brands including Nest, tado° and Honeywell, and are a Honeywell Connected Specialist.


With the Nest Learn Thermostat, save money on energy bills and feel the benefits of smarter, improved central heating. It learns from you, what temperature you like when you’re at home and how your home heats up and how draughty it is to use only the energy it needs.

Honeywell Evohome

The Honeywell Evohome allows you to create up to 12 individual heating zones, giving you an amazing level of control of the heat the individual rooms in your home receives.


Save up to 31% on your energy bills by having tado° installed in your home today! Using your phone’s location, tado° automatically controls the heating, turning it up when you head home and turns it down when the last person leaves, meaning no energy is wasted. Even better, it has a easy-to-use app to allow you greater control of your home’s heating.

Opentherm and Weather Compensation

Weather compensation for heating controls is a fantastic way of improving the overall efficiency of a central heating system. Using a small outdoor sensor, weather compensated heating systems adjust the controls to adjust for changes in outdoor temperature automatically.

Honeywell Connected Specialist

Honeywell recommends that new connected heating systems should always be installed by a competent and reliable plumbing and heating installer. That’s why we’ve registered with Honeywell and become a Honeywell Connected Specialist.

Get in touch with Bristol Gas Services today for all your smart home and automation needs. We’re confident that we will be able to provide you with a high quality service.

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