Oil Services

Here at Bristol Gas Services, we look to help with all of your oil needs and requirements.

Oil-fired boilers are most commonly found in rural areas and other places considered “off-the-grid” where connecting to natural gas would be unfeasible.

We have a long track record of helping those with oil-fired boilers throughout Bristol, Bath, Almondsbury, Weston-super-Mare, Long Ashton and the surrounding rural areas.


If you need a new oil-fired boiler installed in your property, please get in touch with us today. We are more than happy to discuss any questions you may have or arrange a time convenient for you for us to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.


Servicing is recommended to be carried out on an annual basis by experts throughout the oil industry for both safety and performance reasons. Firstly, it is vitally important to ensure you oil-fired boiler is in a safe condition as if it is left neglected it can pose a threat. Also, servicing can rectify any issues that may be impacting the overall effectiveness and efficiency of your boiler.


We can appreciate what an inconvenience it can be to have your boiler break down. No heat, no hot water are things we might take for granted but when we are without them it’s an absolute nightmare. That’s why our repair service aims to be as timely, as efficient and as effective as possible, all for a very reasonable price.

Why choose Bristol Gas Services for your oil requirements?

We know that we offer fantastic value for money with the service we provide our customers because of our experience, our qualifications and our commitment to a high standard of workmanship. For your peace of mind, we are OFTEC registered, which covers the oil-related services we offer.

As well as this, we are always making an effort to keep up to date with the latest in new technologies and changes within the industry.

So get in touch with us today for all of your oil needs, we know you won’t regret it.

For your peace of mind, Bristol Gas Services have a wealth of experience with carrying out work with oil-fired appliances.

We are confident that our past training, experience and knowledge allow us to provide you with a service second to none.